The Resistance Field Manual


On Monday, December 19th, the Electoral College voted to make Donald Trump’s win official.  Barring any unforeseen circumstances, Congress is expected to certify the win on January 6th, and Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President on Friday, January 20th.

But you know all of this.  And, right now, you’re probably somewhere between defiant and despondent.  However you process your grief, you know you must resist, but you’re unsure what that means or what to do next.  

Right?  Good.  Read on. 

First of all, this is not Shay’s Rebellion.  Nor are we living in a dystopian Terminator world (sigh…well, maybe a little dystopian).  We are not literally arming ourselves and fighting SkyNet.  But we do need a strategy.  And any comprehensive strategy requires an offensive and a defensive approach.  Here, then, is a blueprint for how to RESIST over the next four years.


The absolute Number One way to succeed offensively is to GROW THE PARTY.  This is the single biggest reason we lost.  Sure there was Russia, there was Comey, there were the emails (those emails…).  But by and large, we failed to turn out the vote.  Half of Americans stayed home on Election Day.  We simply could not energize enough people to care.  So what can you do?

  1. You must get involved.  How?  Join your Democratic town committee.  Go to the DNC home page, navigate to the State Parties page here, and find your local contact.  Or just google Democratic Town Committee <town name>.  We need passionate leaders who will push for change, not maintain the status quo.  Remember what the Tea Party did to the GOP?  Their firebrand politics completely energized the base and drove results.  That’s what we need.  They’re in your town.  They’re in my town.  Find them, campaign for them, and get them elected.
  2. Next, current Dems in Congress are going to be our best friends for the next two years.  There will be 46 Democratic Senators and 194 Democratic Representatives in the 115th Congress.  Find yours here.  Yes, we are disappointed in the recent stone cold silence from our Dem leaders.  Yes, we feel they’ve let us down.  Yes, we feel they’re not stepping up their leadership now.  So let them know that!  Call them, email them, write to them.  You’ll be surprised how responsive they actually are to hear from their constituents.  I was.  What will you say?
    • Demand a joint bipartisan committee to investigate Russian interference in the election.
    • Tell them you expect them to hold Trump accountable to the Emoluments Clause, which he is in danger of violating the minute he takes the oath of office.
    • Ask them to reject any platform that Trump and the GOP push that is contrary to what we believe in – civil liberties, equal rights, freedom of religion.

    This is how democracy works.  Don’t abdicate this responsibility to 535 legislators in DC.  Get involved!

  3. Join protest marches like the Women’s March on Washington on January 21.  Strength in unity.

I can’t emphasize the above enough.  Sure it’s great to vent on social media, but apart from validating your own beliefs within the social echo chamber, it doesn’t accomplish much!  Channel that anger into something productive and make those legislators work for you.


Lots of options here.  We need to defend every issue that a Trump presidency potentially threatens.  Here’s how:

  1. The Judicial branch will be a major battlefield for The Resistance.  Heavy hitters like the ACLU, the NAACP, or the Sierra Club will defend their causes vigorously in court.  For example, the ACLU is gearing up to sue the Trump Administration over the proposed Muslim registry.  Donating to these groups goes a long way to helping them achieve their goals.
  2. Support charities that care for threatened minority groups.  Trump has mocked and bullied Muslims, Mexicans, immigrants, women, the disabled, and a host of others.  Use this tool to pick a charity that supports a cause you believe in and run with it.
  3. Support and demand good journalism.  I’ve written about the Fourth Estate, and how it effectively functions as a check on the other three branches of government.  Demand that Mainstream Media hold Trump accountable to his promises.  Yes, he’s found a way to bypass MSM via Twitter, but good journalism – whether liberal or conservative – has the ability to break through the social media noise.  Once he starts making policy decisions, the press will have to report on it, and the truth WILL come out.  Watch the news, share it, tweet it, retweet it – get the news out.  Judgment day will come.

Finally, remember that 75% of the country did not vote for Donald Trump.  There are a lot more anti-Trumpers than Trump supporters.  But strength is not in numbers; strength is in unity.  If we join together against government oppression, if we use the tools at our disposal to check and defend against tyranny, and if we remain together as a single voice of resistance, we WILL prevail.

I’m in.  Are you?

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5 Responses

  1. Mary Higgins says:

    Fabulously written! Thank you.

  2. Agree on most, but we need a new party, one that cannot be compromised.

    • The Brahmin says:

      I hear you.

      Here’s a question. If the current Dem platform stands for everything we believe in, do we need a new platform, or do we need to boot out spineless leaders and replace with ones that are unafraid to stand up for our interests?

      • Melissa Perkins says:

        I feel like not matter what your ideals are, once you’ve been initiated, you’re one of them. This corrupt two party system chews up integrity and spits it out. A behemoth to overcome I realize, and I do agree that for the next 4 years we have to take a page from Teaparty’ers and block him at every turn. But, the long game, we need something better than this man.

  3. Donna says:

    The Tea Party Failed, actually. We need Unity. We already know what we stand for. I truly believe Trump lost the election, and the Electoral College is antiquated and seems to lean in one direction… How did Trump “Win” before my vote was ever counted?

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