Defending a poop-throwing monkey

I really wanted to write about issues today.  In Connecticut, the word on everyone’s lips is the economy.  Chief Executive magazine ranks the state 46th (yes, 46th!) in terms of favorability for doing business.  Crippling tax hikes, a perpetual fiscal deficit, and a shrinking labor market are driving employers away from the Nutmeg State.  While the state enjoys the 6th best education system in the country according to Education Week, economic competitiveness and the job market continue to suffer.

Against that backdrop, I wanted to write today about the inefficiencies in Hartford preventing a righting of this listing ship.

But I can’t.

What changed?  A damning audio tape from the Republican presidential candidate, in which he brags about his fame allowing him to maul women at will.  Every day I wake up and think he can’t sink any lower.  And every day, he continues to prove me wrong.  The tape reveals a candidate that is sick, disgusting, and absolutely perverted….in other words, a standard page from the playbook that we have witnessed over the past 16 months.

Themis Klarides, CT House Minority Leader

Themis Klarides (

Here in the blue state of Connecticut, where Republicans will remind you that a Connecticut Republican is not the same as a Deep South Republican, the House minority leader, Themis Klarides (R-114), said yesterday that she wants to wait and see how Trump handles himself in Sunday’s 2nd presidential debate before deciding on her level of support.

Oh my god, really?

Is this the level of cowardice from Hartford legislators that contributes to our inability to drive the state forward?  Career self-preservation before morals and principles?  I can only assume that Rep. Klarides is interested in post-debate polling numbers before deciding to stay onto the Trump bandwagon or jump off the sinking Trumptanic.

But really folks….can you be all that surprised?  After all, this wasn’t enough to denounce their candidate:

Trump mocks reporter

Courtesy: CNN

Or this:

Trump's comments on Mexicans

Courtesy: Huffington Post

Or this:

Trump's comments about Ivanka

Courtesy: Buzzfeed

Let’s not forget about fat shaming Alicia Machado, his public feuds with Megyn Kelly, Rosie O’Donnell, an American judge of Mexican heritage, and a Gold Star family, his insinuation that Russia should interfere with the U.S. election, or that Hillary Clinton should be assassinated.  We could go on and on, but I think the point is made.  Having endured every one of these imbecilic comments, our Hartford legislators are effectively telling us that they believe, so long as Donald is up in the polls, they’ll continue to hitch their wagons to this toxic stew.  But if he doesn’t perform well (read: if poll numbers tank), Rep. Klarides will courageously throw in the towel.

I can think of no better quote than Jon Stewart’s when he said, “It is hard to get mad at Donald Trump for saying stupid things, in the same way you don’t get mad at a monkey when he throws poop at you at the zoo… What does get me angry is the ridiculous, disingenuous defending of the poop-throwing monkey.”

To be fair, Klarides did say of the video, “This is disgusting.  This would be embarrassing for a frat boy, let alone a grown man.”  I agree, Rep. Klarides!  Standing up for decency shouldn’t be contingent on debate performance and poll numbers.   But so long as you don’t rescind your endorsement, you effectively continue to support and defend your monkey.

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