LePage’s Folly

I had the displeasure of getting into a spirited debate with a Trump supporter at a work conference (he was itching for it), and the subject came to taking away from the rich to help the poor. This brought me to this quote by Calvin Coolidge. You might remember Paul LePage, that illustrious governor from the great state of Maine, has this quote framed in his office.


Must it be a zero sum game? Must the strong be injured in some way, or have their status threatened, in order for the weaker to ascend the ladder? Certainly the right will have you believe that this is true, because if black lives matter, then it must be the case that others don’t. Right? Well, not exactly. Can one not recognize increased value to minority rights without diminishing those of the majority? Is there a finite quantity of rights to go around that we the people must judiciously allocate among the citizens (and let’s not bring non-citizens or – heaven forbid – illegals into this debate)?

What do you think?

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